History, Geography and Travel

Conversations with Mummies


Conversations With Mummies (4 weeks) Come & meet some of the most fascinating examples of the people who have been miraculously preserved through centuries. Thanks to modern medical technology, X-rays, CT-scans, DNA tests & facial reconstructions scientists can actually investigate the lives of individuals from every walk of life - these people almost seem to speak to us.

Dreamtime to the Present: Our Aboriginal Story


Rob will be supported by Jan Aitken, Anne Kane, Gloria Wallace and Guests

This course will start from the beginning of Aboriginal settlement in Australia 65,000 years ago.

We will learn about their social systems and organisation, language, agriculture and art and the spirituality that imbued this.  Each week there will be a focus topic with either guest speakers, a variety of media or an excursion. Participants will be invited to learn, reflect and discuss.

Resources will be listed for each week and further reading encouraged.

Life-changing Events in History


A blend of information and discussion on independent topics from history and science. 
Some topics such as: Innovations That Have Changed the World, and Medical Discoveries and Breakthroughs, are presented each year. 

Otherwise, we cycle through 3+ years of topics, with new ones added each year. The first topic for 2019 is History of India.

Family History Workshop


Would you like to find out how to start tracing your family history? Have you fallen victim to those Ancestry ads on TV, got some information on your family tree but now come to a brick wall? Do you have a World War I soldier in the family & want to find out details of their service? Are there a collection of interesting family stories you’d like to find the truth about? Or would you just like to exchange ideas about researching your family history with other people who have the same ‘bug’? Or develop family history research skills?


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